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Strategy + human-centered design

As consumers, most of the goods and services we know have an auto-pilot feel about them. You go for an oil change, you wait, you drink the bad coffee. It all works fine. But who says we have to settle for fine? At Black Hat Innovation, we specialize in human-centered design -- making things delightful by first looking at them the way your users do. We have more than 15 years of experience in digital media, social distribution, data science, and innovation methodologies. 


What we Do

We first experience things through the eyes of your customers. With those insights, we help you get better through innovative approaches such as human-centered design and "lean" methodologies. We are your partners in developing and evolving strategy. We also build elegant and intuitive websites and apps. Ten percent of our time is spent on pro-bono projects for nonprofits in and around Austin.


Tim lott

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Tim spent 30 years working for Cox Media Group, including the last seven as the founder and vice president of its disruptive innovation team.  Before that, he was in digital media at the Austin American-Statesman, where he created such brands as Hookem.com and Austin360 Radio, a digital streaming service.