COST: $15,450

Black Hat Innovation, having reviewed numerous websites the committee has called to our attention, will provide the following for the Headliners Foundation of Texas:

  • Website launch meeting: We will lead a brainstorming session with the committee and other key participants to discuss and prioritize content on www.headlinersfoundation.org.

  • Responsive website: Based on the launch meeting, we’ll build a “mobile-first” website that largely mimics existing site content but organizes it in a modern fashion on the Squarespace platform. The site will adjust according to a user’s screen size.

  • Great user experience: It will be much easier and more pleasing/intuitive to find what one is looking for. Common-sense taxonomy and search.

  • A newsy look-and-feel: Better organization and more content on the home page.

  • Easy-to-edit content: Did you feel inspired to write something after watching “The Post”? This site will be much easier to update -- even from your mobile phone.

  • Streamlined: We simplify the navigation. No need for both horizontal and vertical navigation. Jettison irrelevant content.

  • Social media updating on the homepage: We will build a widget that allows the foundation to participate in a curated  “conversation” on its homepage.

  • Email newsletter template: We will work within your existing MailChimp application to build a new and modern template incorporating the Foundation’s logo.

  • Basic Search Engine Optimization: We will employ basic techniques to add metadata to the website, making it easier for Google’s search algorithms to “discover” the site.

  • User training: We will provide the Foundation with three hours of training on how to update content on the site.


  • After the launch meeting, we will deliver wireframes and/or “tap-able” PDFs in order to gain common understanding of site structure.

  • In addition the initial meeting, we will spend up to 40 hours over the duration of the project meeting/discussing with Foundation board members and staff on the details of the site. This consulting includes discussions of design, font, style, layout, code and other similar matters  with board and staff members as well as content migration from the existing website. We anticipate this will be MORE than enough -- probably twice as much -- time to talk about the details. Any time beyond 40 hours is billable for an additional $175 per hour.

  • The website will be compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and other web browsers with more than 5 percent of U.S. mobile market share, as of Dec. 2017.

  • The site will include as many as 30 pages -- all of which will be based (in style, architecture, etc.) on the home page. It’s important to understand that we are talking about one custom page (the home page) and every other page based on that. Any additional custom development can be done at the rate of $175 per hour.




Website, distribution strategy, consulting

COST: $21,750

We believe a great website is only half the equation.

In an era when it's hard for the average person to sort real from fake, we feel strongly that the Headliners Foundation is missing a HUGE opportunity to tell a great story. We want to help you tell that story.

You are synonymous with serious news in Texas. There are hearts and minds (and wallets) waiting to be won.

In Option B, we'll deliver you everything in Option A plus the following:


Half-day goals and strategy workshop for the board, largely addressing your digital presence for the year ahead.


  • Getting the word out: You know what you are. Why doesn’t the rest of Texas? We will develop concrete strategies for telling our stories in the right forums.

  • Why would a millennial donate? Who is your next generation of donors and how will they find you?

  • Content planning: Why is there stuff from 2016 on your homepage and what can you do to fix it with minimal resources?

2. Distribution:

  • Social Media: After receiving your login credentials, we will create/edit/strengthen the Foundation’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. This includes new profile photos, or updated logos (if relevant).

  • Content Calendar: We will work with the Foundation website committee/staff to develop a 12-month social media calendar -- essentially a plan for scheduled, monthly posts that make both social media and website content more up-to-date.

  • Video template: We will create a template with styling and logo that help consistently brand all Foundation videos.

  • “How I got the story:” We will help the Foundation plan and organize a year-round campaign around how Texas journalists reported difficult but important stories. We will help develop the first such story to create an example for the future.

  • Video strategy: We will assist the Foundation in developing an easy-to-use approach to its periodic video interviews with journalists, taking advantage of such platforms as Facebook Live or YouTube to make it simple and inexpensive.

  • Basic A/B Testing: We will train the Foundation members/staff on the easiest methods to test content through social media to determine which messages are more effective.


  • Black Hat Innovation will offer periodic consulting (up to a total of 50 hours) for the 12 months following the the execution of this agreement.