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Strategy + design for social good

As consumers, most of the companies and nonprofits we bump into have an auto-pilot feel about them. You take a number, you wait your turn, it'll all probably work out fine. But why should we settle for fine? Whatever happened to delightful? At Black Hat, we use a human-centered strategy -- focusing first on your clients and how they really feel about you -- to turn the tide back in your favor. 


What we Do

In a nutshell, we provide strategy and consulting services and also assist with product development geared toward digital natives and millennials. 

We first experience things through the eyes of your clients (or customers or users). With those insights, we help you get better through such innovative approaches as human-centered design and rapid prototyping. We help you save time and money by tightening the feedback loop. 

We also build elegant and intuitive websites and apps. 


Tim Lott

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Tim spent 30 years working in media, first as a journalist and then as founder of an "off-the-grid" innovation unit for Atlanta-based Cox Media Group.  In Austin, he helped create millennial-focused brands such as  Hookem.com and Austin360 Radio.