strategy sessions

Whether you're a large company looking for a major pivot or a small nonprofit planning ahead for the coming months, we can help your team reach its creative best. Through the years, we have facilitated countless executive retreats, new initiative launches, and strategic brainstorming sessions. Our guess is that you've been through several of these throughout your career and that many ended with a feel-good vibe that disappeared the next Monday when you opened your email inbox. Feeling good is awesome. But coming away with a step-by-step playbook is valuable. We do both. 


If, after arriving at the perfect place with your strategy, you'd like to have someone usher you through to the finish line, we are available for consulting services. We'll work with you or your key staff members to bring new products and services to market. 

We have a stable of experienced (and fast!) designers and developers at our disposal. 


user insights

Have you ever been told by the cable company, "We'll be there between 2pm and 6pm. We'll call you 15 minutes ahead of time to let you know we are coming, and if you don't answer we are moving onto the next customer"? Same here. We all hate that. But how are your clients really feeling about you and what can you do to delight them? We offer a full suite of user insight services. We can tell you what they actually mean when they hit the X button on your website or reveal the way they really experience your lobby.  

product development

There's an interesting phenomenon about doing something brand new: Organizations almost always get it wrong the first time. Literally. There's something reasonable but entirely flawed in your thinking. The problem is ... most nonprofits or companies run through their product development budget before they can get it right. They spend SO MUCH time and money up front, only to discover nine months or a year later that no one really wants what they are building. We solve this problem using approaches similar to "The Lean Startup" methodologies espoused by the author Eric Ries. It focuses on quick iterations, a gradually growing user base and getting it right before the well runs dry. By the way, we highly recommend the book whether you are a startup or a mature business looking for new approaches.